Tourism with hurdles

13 February 2017 - Almaty Region
The industry must become a strategic sector for development of Kapshagay In the city of Kapshagay was held reporting meeting of directors of the branch of the Chamber of entrepreneurs…

Business should act first

13 February 2017 - Almaty Region
Entrepreneurs of Koksu and Karatal districts are urged to be proactive This was stated by members of the Regional Council of the Chamber of entrepreneurs of the region at the…
New partners
07 February 2017 - Almaty Region
Memorandum in the field of technical regulation was signed The...
Who puts sticks in the wheels of business?
07 February 2017 - Almaty Region
Rural entrepreneurs spoke about the administrative barriers in the region...
It’s high time to cooperate
27 January 2017 - Almaty Region
EIS will present an authorized representative for the protection of...
The committee of nuclear and power surveillance and control abolished licensing procedures
26 January 2017 - Almaty Region
Since 2015 CNPSC initiated reforms to improve the business environment
Kazakhstani accumulator units are sold now in Africa
26 January 2017 - Almaty Region
"Kaynar-AKB" began to supply products to the Republic of Benin
Entrepreneurs offer to establish a register of potential Chinese investors
24 January 2017 - Almaty Region
The list of these investors should ensure the transparency and...
Tekeli has no free land for tourism development
24 January 2017 - Almaty Region
But Akim assured that he will solve the problem
Colleges do not need theorists
16 January 2017 - Almaty Region
30 teachers underwent training at enterprises in the past year
Lyazzat Chinkisbaeva: "It is important to hear the voice of rural business"
04 January 2017 - Almaty Region
One of the outcomes of the work of the Chamber...
Tourism Industry does not have enough staff
27 December 2016 - Almaty Region
The demand for specialists in the field of tourism grows 
Awards from the Regional Council
23 December 2016 - Almaty Region
Entrepreneurs and employees of RCE got awards
The tourists will not be bored in Taldykorgan
23 December 2016 - Almaty Region
An information portal was launched in the region