Colleges do not need theorists

16 January 2017 - Almaty Region

30 teachers underwent training at enterprises in the past year

Lyazzat Chinkisbaeva: "It is important to hear the voice of rural business"

04 January 2017 - Almaty Region

One of the outcomes of the work of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty region in 2016was the creation of the Council of Entrepreneurs at the district and town branches of RCE. They are composed of well-known businessmen of villages and districts. The main goal of the Councils – is enhancement of the role and activity of rural entrepreneurs. In 2017, RCE will continue work in this direction.

Tourism Industry does not have enough staff
27 December 2016 - Almaty Region
The demand for specialists in the field of tourism grows 
Awards from the Regional Council
23 December 2016 - Almaty Region
Entrepreneurs and employees of RCE got awards
The tourists will not be bored in Taldykorgan
23 December 2016 - Almaty Region
An information portal was launched in the region
China chooses Kazakhstani goods
20 December 2016 - Almaty Region
During New Year domestic goods will appear at the Beijing...
Young entrepreneurs presented business ideas
15 December 2016 - Almaty Region
In Taldykorgan were selected the best projects of members of...
The demand for rechargeable batteries will be growing
14 December 2016 - Almaty Region
"Kaynar-AKB" provides 90% of Kazakhstan with domestic rechargeable batteries
The Day of the entrepreneur was celebrated in the Ili district
13 December 2016 - Almaty Region
The business community summed up the results of work 
Choose the right profession
08 December 2016 - Almaty Region
Famous entrepreneurs held a master class for students
Tourism business doesn’t need registration?
05 December 2016 - Almaty Region
Problems of local tourism development were discussed in Taldykorgan
The invention as a business
02 December 2016 - Almaty Region
Young scientists are urged to engage in entrepreneurship
Tasty and healthy life!
24 November 2016 - Almaty Region
Confectioners were trained to Finnish technologies and standards
Foreign outlook
22 November 2016 - Almaty Region
Canadian expert began to consult a furniture company